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Cellphones Do Not Cause Brain Cancer, Says 29-Year Study

A study from Australia reassures us that cellphones are reasonably safe, and do not cause brain cancer. Chris Mills writes from Gizmodo:

“The study examines the incidence of brain cancer in the Australian population between 1982 to 2013. The study pitted the prevalence of mobile phones among the population — starting at 0 percent — against brain cancer rates, using data from national cancer registration data. The results showed a very slight increase in brain cancer rates among males, but a stable level among females. There were significant increases in over -70s, but began in 1982, before cellphones were even a thing.”

What makes the study in Australia so authentic compared to other studies conducted in other countries is the fact that all diagnoshttp://www.cancerepidemiologyed cases of cancer have to be registered by law.


Caffè latte Getting Ready for a Creative Day

Relax and take the time before we go shopping together.

What should I pack for a creative day outside, maybe writing and sketching some ideas and getting away from the computer for a while. Well, I would take my camera, a book by Seth Godin, my little notebook and a pencil. And to stay comfortable while maybe sitting in a park, I would also need my Keep Cup for a Coffee to Go and my favorite jeans and sneakers.

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Buried Prey ‘&, Mind Prey “by John Sandford

When asked if I was literary versed, I would normally with very clear answer yes’. Unless it goes in the direction Crime / Thriller, I simply ignored the last 20 years of my life and thus told me the name John Sandford absolutely nothing when I found his books at the dump. Jupp’s because the people of Yellowknife dispose pocket as her books and I’m here since August, to read me through my finds from there. Of course says nothing about the quality of the works!

John Roswell Camp, namely is writing under this synonym, is enormously successful and already won the Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles about the modern life of a farming family.

I have read two books from the 16-piece Lucas Davenport series, which have all, in English the word Prey ‘(prey) in the title, which initially confused me a bit and I had to seek out my order

The original rewiew was published in german language

[Lesenswert] ‚Buried Prey‘ & ‚Mind Prey‘ von John Sandford

What’s this: In Mind Prey Lucas Davenport is called in to a kidnapping case where a psychiatrist and her two daughters have disappeared in broad daylight. Intelligent hijackers logs on to the investigators, because it seems to him personally committed to communicate with Lucas and it begins a cat and mouse game, while the seems to run away the time.

How’s: The first pages I found quite horrible, but would not give up and was surprised. Because I did not like, in which, vernacular ‘the people communicating with each other, perhaps to do that in police circles, but I found it difficult to read. Then the story came but the ball rolling and was very exciting (Page Turner Alert!), Because you naturally suffers with the victims and hopes for a happy ending, gets the same but also shown the psyche of the kidnapper really exciting described and roll disaster looks. .In broadly enough written so that I dared me to the second point, which I have of Sandford, immediately afterwards.