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Cellphones Do Not Cause Brain Cancer, Says 29-Year Study

A study from Australia reassures us that cellphones are reasonably safe, and do not cause brain cancer. Chris Mills writes from Gizmodo:

“The study examines the incidence of brain cancer in the Australian population between 1982 to 2013. The study pitted the prevalence of mobile phones among the population — starting at 0 percent — against brain cancer rates, using data from national cancer registration data. The results showed a very slight increase in brain cancer rates among males, but a stable level among females. There were significant increases in over -70s, but began in 1982, before cellphones were even a thing.”

What makes the study in Australia so authentic compared to other studies conducted in other countries is the fact that all diagnoshttp://www.cancerepidemiologyed cases of cancer have to be registered by law.